What’s Going on Here?

Once upon a time (Feb. 5, 2013 – Aug. 12, 2015) I ran a website that started off as album reviews and music finds. Over time, I conducted interviews with some of my favorite artists – and some who just happened to be available at the time. I even expanded to books and film. Then I moved, life got busy, and I just abandoned everything.

Thanks to a precient archiving in 2014 and the help of the Wayback Machine, I’ve been able to recreate almost as much of that old content as I care to. (For some idiotic reason, I didn’t think to actually backup my site files when the hosting lapsed and so some stuff is just lost to time.)

So, my intent is to get back to doing music reviews in real time. Over the last two years I’ve been rating tracks in my music library and scoring albums on a custom rating system. So, I’m excited to start sharing some of that info. In the meantime, I’m just trying to repost all the legacy content. I’m still of two minds about books and film, but they may find their way over here as well.

Hoping to start posting new content in early June. In the meantime, find me on Twitter.


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